Wellness hotel in Val di Sole

Hotel with wellness centre and outdoor pool


Nothing must be denied to the body to regain balance, vitality and joy of life. The benefits of water combined with warmth and rest, increase the feeling of happiness.


In the small Wellness Island of the Pippo Hotel, you will spend moments that sweeten life and that are good for the body but also for the spirit. For this reason, dedicate time, pampering and attention to a pleasant holiday of serenity in Trentino!


In our wellness hotel in Val di Sole relax in peace and harmony after a hike in the Brenta Dolomites, in the Adamello Brenta Park, in the Stelvio National Park, or when you return from the ski slopes will be like seeing a dream come true.


At the Pippo, Wellness Hotel in Val di Sole you will experience moments of wellness and relaxation. In our hotel in Val di Sole, you will leave behind the worries, the daily routine and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


The unspoilt nature that surrounds us will fill your soul with peace and tranquility and finally you can breathe deeply again.


Available you will find the Turkish bath with essences with menthol or eucalyptus to regain benefits to the body, purify the skin, stimulate circulation and why not... treat colds; the whirlpool to pamper the delicate massage of bubbles and tone the muscles; the Finnish sauna that strengthens the immune system and purifies the skin thanks to the stimulation of sweating, eliminates toxins in the body and detoxifies the body; the emotional showers associated with the sauna or Turkish bath leave a total feeling of relaxation and well-being.


In summer, however, to the delight of all our guests, you can not miss a dip in the panoramic pool surrounded by our garden.


Wellness in Trentino is synonymous with relaxing wellness holidays with wonderful views of the Brenta Dolomites.


Give yourself new life force, wellness for body, mind and soul and then focus on the essential.
The breathtaking views and fresh air of the Trentino mountains will take care of everything else.

Turkish bath

The strong need for relaxation and tranquillity, typical of our everyday lives, is released in the enveloping warmth of the Hammam, in the sensual embrace of eucalyptus oil. There is no ‘right time’ to do it, just the desire to do it, as often as possible.

Water massage

Loving yourself as you boost your mood: this is what a simple water massage can do to your body. Frothy bubbles to get rid of stress or to regain a soft and luminous skin tone. This is just the beginning of a wellness bath.


A voyage in the past, into the fascinating heart of Northern culture. A time-leap of a thousand years. The heat, the scent of wood, the ritual of pouring water over hot stones, will take you back to the traditional and enveloping warmth of mountain atmospheres. The beauty of ancient customs for memorable wellness experiences.

Sensory showers

Impalpable, thin drops scented with cold mint for a truly refreshing and toning effect, or a tropical shower with its stream of large, warm drops scented with exotic fruits for a relaxing and soothing effect.

Jet showers

Waterfall jet with extremely refreshing, toning and firming effects to complete the benefits provided by the Finnish sauna.


Adaptable and enveloping water … At the end of a long walk, it is easy to restore your energy levels and cool off under the lovely summer sky as you sit beside the pool in our lusciously green garden.