Val di Sole and Trentino, a combination of pristine landscapes, a fantastic, natural land populated by honest and hard-working people who lead a simple life. Peacefulness and unaltered nature where, as one season leads into the next, colours range over the entire rainbow. Enchanting opportunities to be welcomed at any time, in order to enjoy this land that is yours to discover and love, just like we do.

Summer | Winter

Val di Sole is the right choice for outdoor holidays both in summer and in winter, where pure fun, nature, wellness, good food, history, tradition and much more are a certainty. It is truly very easy to reach us. Val di Sole is served by the panoramic Trento-Malè Dolomiti Express train that also stops in our town, Terzolas.


A holiday in Val di Sole will allow you also to learn about our many traditions closely linked to the territory and to the history of our mountain towns. Especially interesting are the easy walks that will lead you to discover the attractive farmers’ markets and trade fairs, the Christmas markets and the exhibitions of cribs made with all kinds of materials and usually set in charming corners of the small, ancient towns. Absolutely a must are the town festivals, with events rich in folklore and the concerts of the various local choirs – authentic ambassadors of how much we hold dear our popular music and our customs.

Art & Culture

Val di Sole boasts a history written through the millennia, consistently rich in country mansions, forts, castles, palazzos and churches, such as the Museo della Civiltà Solandra civil museum in Malè, San Michele castle in Ossana, Castel Caldes, and the dramatic remains and mementoes of WWI: Strino Fort, the multimedia tunnel museum of Galleria Paradiso and the Museo della Guerra Bianca (The ‘White War’ Museum) in Vermiglio, the Museo della Guerra (War Museum), ‘Pejo 1914-18, La Guerra sulla Porta’ (The War At Our Door). Many are the marvellous places surrounding Val di Sole, charming venues abounding in history and art. In the West, beyond Tonale pass, there is Val Camonica and its ancient history represented by the park with the prehistoric rock paintings and its magnificently furnished churches. There have been many Val Camonica artists who came to work in Val di Sole, and just as many the other way round. In the South, beyond the Campo Carlo Magno pass, there is the Val Rendena with its agriculture and wonderful natural landscapes. It is a fundamental passageway between Garda and the Brenta Dolomites. Finally, in the East, there is Val di Non, a sister to Val di Sole and with which it shares the Noce River. It is the valley of apples and of splendid castles, all worth a visit, especially Castel Thun and Castel Valer.

Outings with us

We have always delighted in accompanying our guests on the excursions we organise almost every day. We stand out for taking them to visit many different and relatively remote places that feature tranquillity and breathtaking panoramic views! The itineraries have been chosen to allow absolutely everyone to enjoy memorable days in total contact with the lovely nature surrounding us!

Val Di Sole Opportunity and Trentino Guest Card ... Enjoy a benefit-rich holiday

Val di Sole Opportunity and Trentino Guest Card are your best friends on Val di Sole holidays! Move freely on trains and buses throughout Trentino, use the lifts to reach 3000 m above level, visit museums, fortresses and castles, relax in spas, purchase local gastronomic products ... all conducive to falling in love with Val di Sole and Trentino! The Card is made available to all of our guests at just 2 euro a day, even if it is worth over 10 euros. It is FOR FREE for children under 12 years of age when accompanied by 1 adult (1:1)!

Motorbike love

Geographically speaking, Val di Sole is strategically located on a vast network of tour itineraries for motorbikes. Being motorbike lovers ourselves, we can give you all of the technical information necessary and, why not, accompany you on less beaten roads because, whenever we have time, we love to go out and explore new destinations.