Welcome to the world of Pippo Hotel. This is where our hospitality, our welcome and our familiarity thrive, to colour your best moments. Simple details – Small courtesies – Great sensations -


Your every request for us becomes an opportunity for doing our job even better.


The aroma of coffee, fine chocolate or a sparkling aperitif to celebrate each new day.

Terrace and environs

Relax, collect your spirits, remove all thoughts from your mind. Let the world around you fade into the infinite.

Reading room

Pick up a history book that tells about our people and our origins, or simply lose yourself in a novel, because every reader, when reading, reads about himself. Peacefully sip on a glass of good wine, enjoy an aperitif, listen to a speaker … A private place where your mind can roam free.


Pleasant evenings with friends, simply for fun. Meet up to get into the right mood and to create some of the best moments of your life!

Emotions and fun

Music is like life, there is only way to live it: together!