It is not easy to transmit all of the emotions we feel in doing our job. It is equally difficult to explain through pictures the beauty 'of our land. So please trust us and our commitment will be constant and true.


Don't miss our fabulous offers. Choose the perfect solution for you and your family, and be prepared for an amazing experience in the Dolomite Mountains.

Free Ski dal 06.04 al 14.04

Le ultime sciate di Primavera sui nostri 150 km di piste tra le Dolomiti del Trentino nella splendida Val di Sole!

Free Ski dal 30.03 al 07.04

150 km di piste tra le Dolomiti del Trentino nella splendida Val di Sole!

Speciale Primavera dal 23.03 al 31.03

Il sole bacia i belli.... lasciati scivolare sui nostri 150 km di piste e sorridi alle lunghe giornate in Val di Sole!

Speciale Marzo dal 16.03 al 24.03

Festeggia l'arrivo della primavera con noi in Val di Sole!


We care for our guests as if it were a daily challenge … and our guests’ satisfaction is our only reward!


Feeling at home ... away from home ...


As a day well spent brings happy sleep ...


Take good care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.


I have the simplest tastes, I’m always satisfied with the best.


Each morning is a sheet of white paper waiting for the children, attracted by its brightness, to come and drench it in their colours …


Each blade of grass seems to contain a library dedicated to marvel, peacefulness and goodness.