In our Hotel, the pleasure of eating is discovered in pleasant company, as the natural ingredients we use blend harmoniously with the local wines and the simple but tasty traditional dishes. Our Chef Alessio every day loves to work with fresh and high quality produce as he transforms them into masterpieces of genuineness and flavour!

The pleasure of eating

Luminous, furnished with warm and welcoming colours, our dining hall is the right setting for the show for the palate prepared by Chef Alessio!


How can one forget the flavour of the sweets and cakes made according to ancient recipes by our grandmothers? The taste of fresh milk and home-made bread, the preserves lovingly made every year by Mercedes, the juice made from our apples and the pick of the local specialities will put a smile on your face and give you just the right amount of enthusiasm and energy to make breakfast time unique.

Baita (Mountain Chalet)

The fire crackling in the fireplace and the fragrance of polenta bubbling away next to the roasting grill is just another step towards making your stay with us all the more memorable!


A wedding is and always will be the loveliest journey of love one can experience, and we know how to accompany you along the path to happiness.

The essence of raw materials

We grow a vegetable garden so we can bring to your table the freshest produce available! Enjoy with us the products of our land in an environmentally friendly way!

‘Eco-ristorazione’: the environmentally friendly restaurant

In our Hotel we are fully committed to protecting the environment. In our restaurant you will find genuineness in the dishes prepared with organic and home-processed ingredients, produced close to home and all from Trentino – unique flavours that you will never forget.